Mathieu Blanchard

Every ultra-trail is a unique adventure that always promises strong emotions, a condensed life,
with the imperative to move forward despite the ups and downs
Nationality : France
Field of expertise : Trail Running
Hometown: Cavaillon
With Shokz since:2023
1.2021 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc 171km - 2021 - 3rd Place
2.2022 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc 171km - 2022 - 2nd Place
3.2023 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc 171km - 2023 - 4th Place
Mathieu Blanchard Born on December 3, 1987 in Cavaillon, Mathieu Blanchard is a renowned French professional athlete, specialising in ultra-trail and mountain running.
His journey, from humble beginnings in extreme sports to conquering the world's most demanding races, illustrates an impressive transition from engineer to accomplished athlete.

Raised in Guadeloupe, Mathieu began scuba diving at a young age, far from the mountainous world that later defined him.

After studying engineering in France, his life changed when he moved to Montreal.

There, his very first jog in -20°C marked the start of an exceptional adventure in the world of endurance.

Mathieu's determination quickly led him to remarkable performances, including completing the Montreal marathon in less than 3 hours.

His appetite for surpassing himself then led him to ultra-trail, where he accumulated success: victories at the Ultra-Trail Harricana, distinguished participations at the UTMB, where he reached the podium twice, then the Marathon des Sables and the Western States Endurance Run.

In 2020, he established a performance on the GR A1, covering 650 km across Quebec in record time and consolidating, at the same time, his status as a world-class ultra-trail runner.

His participation in Koh Lanta, “Les 4 Terres”, gave him public visibility which goes beyond the sport framework.

Despite an early elimination, this experience enriched his notoriety and allowed him to reach a large audience via social networks.

His move to Deux-Alpes in 2023 symbolises a new chapter, which brings him closer to the playing fields that fascinate him.
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