Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon

Spending time alone in the mountains allows one to put many aspects of life into perspective. Nothing is easy in the mountains; it sometimes demands a lot of effort. Behind every problem lies an opportunity. One just needs to accept the pain to overcome the difficulties and emerge stronger.
Nationality : France
Field of expertise : Trail Running
Hometown : Vercors
With Shokz since: 2022
1.2022 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc 171km - 2022 - 7th Place
2.2023 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc 171km - 2023 - 9th Place
3.2023 Istria 100 by UTMB® 169km - 2023 - 2nd Place
4.2021 TDS by UTMB® 147km - 2021 - 3rd Place
Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon Born in Vercors and residing in Savoie, Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon is a living example of determination and passion for ultra trail running.
His life reflects a relentless quest for physical and mental surpassing.

Having fallen in love with trail running in 2013 and ultra distance in 2016, he has since devoted his life to exploring the limits of his endurance.

His trail victories, notably at the Passerelles de Monteynard trail in 2017 at the Glaciers de la Vanoise trail, as well as at La Rosière in 2018, marked the start of a series of successes. His performance at the CCC the same year, where he finished 9th over a distance of over 100 km, demonstrated his potential in ultra-distance races.

However, 2019 was marked by challenges and abandonments, testing his resilience.

The meeting with his coach, Eric Lacroix, marked a turning point in his sporting career, allowing him to rediscover the pleasure in the practice of ultra trail running.

Despite the cancellations of races in 2020 due to the pandemic, Arthur took on the ambitious challenge of completing the round trip between La Rosière and the summit of Mont-Blanc, a feat of 92 km for 6,100 m of elevation, accomplished in 20 hours.

In 2021, he has once again proved his resilience, by reaching the podium of the TDS by UTMB and finishing the Diagonale des Fous despite an injury.

His first UTMB in 2022, where he finished 7th, but also his 2nd place at the ISTRIA 100 by UTMB in 2023, attest to his constant progression and his status as an elite athlete in the world of ultra trail running.
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