Tom Evans

Process not outcome.
Nationality: United Kingdom
Field of expertise: Trail Running
Hometown: Loughborough, UK
With Shokz since:2018
1.Western States Endurance Run 2023 - Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run - 06/2023 - 1st Place (1/328)
2.Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB® 2023 - UTS 50K - 05/2023 - 1st Place (1/883)
3.UTMB® Mont Blanc 2022 - 171km - 08/2022 - 3rd Place (3/1789)
4.UTMB® 2018 - CCC - 08/2018 - 1st Place (1/1622)
Tom Evans' transition from a distinguished British Army Captain to an ultra-running luminary began with an impromptu bet, catapulting him to be the first non-African on podium finish at the Marathon des Sables.
His unwavering commitment to the sport was cemented in 2017, leading to a string of triumphs including a win at the UTMB CCC 2018 and a commendable performance at UTMB 2022.

His pinnacle achievement came in 2023, seizing the top spot at the Western States Endurance Run.

As a long-time user of Shokz headphones, Tom joins the Shokz athlete team in 2024, appreciating the blend of connectivity and comfort they bring to his training regime, enhancing his overall running experience. Beyond accolades, Tom aspires to revel in the joy of sport and push the boundaries of his capabilities.
"Listening to music when I’m training allows me to stay motivated when I’m feeling my most tired."
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"Listening to music when I’m training allows me to stay motivated when I’m feeling my most tired. Having Shokz as a partner allows me to listen to music while still being able to hear what’s happening on the trail and stay safe. It allows me to perform at my best in training and in racing.

As well as running, I use my Shokz when I’m travelling so I can listen to anything or make calls and stay in touch with my family and friends. I have been using Shokz since 2018 and would never use anything else! "